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Approved 03/11/2021

Effective 03/11/2021

General Information

The use of the Lakes in Christmas Lake Village is a privilege granted to Association members, their family, and accompanied guests.  To maintain these privileges the following Lake Rules and Regulations must be complied with. Persons using CLV lakes do so at their own risk.

(A). “Watercraft” shall mean any device by which an individual can be transported on water to include, but not limited to, rowboat, sailboat, canoe, pontoon, paddle boat, skiff, kayak, dinghy, jet skis, and specialty prop-craft.

(B). “Skiing” includes any device which may be towed by a watercraft.

1.     Each Motorized Watercraft that is to be used on any lake within Christmas Lake Village must be registered at the Association’s Office. The registration must be completed each calendar year prior to launching the watercraft within the Village.  A CLV sticker will be affixed by a staff person. Members/owners of Christmas Lake Village, whose assessments are current on all lots owned, and have no outstanding fees or fines owed to the Village are eligible to register a watercraft.  An Indiana watercraft registration or proof of ownership, proof of liability insurance, length of craft, and horsepower rating must be submitted. Owners will be responsible for affixing applicable Indiana water craft numbers in accordance with state guidelines.

2.      “Sea Doo’s” or personal watercraft(PWC) owned by a current property owner having a current, valid CLV registration, will be registered for the subsequent year.  Subsequent yearly renewal will be limited to original CLV registered equipment.  No new or additional personal watercraft will be permitted.  Replacement personal watercraft to original registered equipment will not be allowed.

3.      Each property owner will be permitted to register two (2) motorized watercraft         per family.  Human powered craft should also be registeredfor identification purposes.  There is no registration fee.

NOTE: For the purpose of these rules, joint property owners shall be considered asone individual property owner.

4.      Boat dock space will be renewed each year from April 1st-April 30th. Dock reassignment begins on May 1st.  The dock rental fees are established annually and will be invoiced accordingly. First priority will be given to current dock renters. Second priority will be given to owners that do not have lake front propertyHowever, dock space will only be rented to members with CLV registered boats.  No dock space will be rented without a current registration of a boat (A dock space may be reserved for 30 days while a boat is procured with appropriate deposit.  This arrangement is contingent upon the approval of the Association Manager.  If the reserved period is lapsed, the deposit will be returned, and the space will be reassigned).   Docked boats must be registered in the same name as the dock holder. All docks revert to the control of the Association at the end of the yearly rental agreement.  Only two (2) spaces per property owner can be assigned.

                  (A) Docks H, J, and K located at main marina and G dock located at inlet are not to be modified in any manner whatsoever.  The cost to return the dock to the original condition prior to any unsanctioned modification will be the financial responsibility of the member; furthermore, a $100 fine will be imposed. 


 (B) A second unsanctioned modification by the same dock renter will incur a $250 fine and loss of lake privileges (water craftmust be removed from the lake) for the rest of the year.

5.      It is against Department of Natural Resources rules, regulations, and State Law to run down waterfowl on any waterways.  Any violators observed will be reported to the DNR for possible prosecution.

Types and Sizes of Boats

1.   All watercraft must by registered to CLV property owners.  Visiting boats are prohibited.

2.   Watercraft with sleeping accommodations such as houseboats, cabin cruisers and the       like are prohibited.  Ski kites, water kites, and the like are likewise prohibited.

3.   On Christmas Lake, watercraft are limited to a maximum of twenty-four (24)

Feet in length, and to a maximum of ninety (90) horsepower OUTBOARD motors.  Inboard (with the exception of PWC), and Inboard/Outboard motors are prohibited.

4.   On Lake Holly and Lake Noel, watercrafts are limited to a maximum of eighteen (18) feet. Use of motors is limited to electric trolling motors. Pontoon boats, personal watercraft, and speed boats are prohibited (Internal combustion engines are not authorized to ower allowable watercraft).

Lake Rules and Regulations

1.   The motor of any watercraft must be stopped during the pickup, loading, or unloading of any person from the water, dock, or beach.

2.   All watercraft shall be equipped with at least one (1) approved life preserver for the designed capacity of the watercraft. 

3.   Each motorized craft shall have a charged fire extinguisher.

4.   Operators MUST observe the following traffic rules:

(A) All traffic will travel in a counterclockwise pattern keeping to the right side of the centerline buoys and respect the safety zone of twenty-five (25) feet on either sideof the center buoy line.  Watercraft operating at more than five (5) MPH will stay at least fifty (50) feet from the shoreline and/or docks along the shoreline.

(B) When two watercrafts are approaching each other “head to head” or nearly so, each watercraft must bear to starboard (right).

(C) When two boats are approaching each other obliquely, or at right angles, the boat on the right has the right-of-way.

(D) A watercraft may overtake and pass another watercraft on either side if the passing can be done safely within the assured clear distance ahead, but the watercraft being overtaken has the right-of-way.

(E) A watercraft leaving a dock,pier, launching ramp, or shore has the right-of-way over all watercraft approaching the dock, pier, or shore.

(F) All non-motorized craft haveright-of-way over all motorized craft.

      (G) Boats towing skiers and tubers havethe right-of-way over all other motorized craft.

(H) Non-Motorized craft will avoid skiing/tubing(Lap Area) area during times of any  motorized activity.  This in no way nullifies or modifies paragraph “F” of this section.

5.   An operator may not create a hazardous wake or wash while approaching or passing another watercraft.

6.   No watercraft shall be operated in a tight circular course or fashion.

7.   An operator may not operate a watercraft in a circular course around a person swimming or around a watercraft in which the occupant is engaged in fishing.

8.   An operator may not operate a watercraft that is loaded with passengers or cargo beyond the watercraft’s safe(designed) carrying capacity.

9.   Operators may not permit any occupants of the watercraft to sit, stand, or lie on the bow decking or the gunwales while the craft is in motion.

10. A person may not moor or attach a watercraft to, remove, tamper with, damage or destroy any buoy on the lake.  The area directly between the water valve and the Dam is not a through way and is so marked by buoys.  The dam is considered “shoreline”. (Refer to page 3, item 4A for maximum shoreline speed.)

11.Watercrafts operated by guests are the responsibility of the watercraft owners.  Watercraft owners must always accompany guest while on the lake.

12. Operators of motorized watercraft must possess a valid automobile driver’s license and/or possess proof of satisfactory completion of a certified water safety course.

13. A person may not operate a watercraft while towing a skier, unless each person being towed is wearing a type II, type III, or type V personal flotation device approved by the United States Coast Guard.

NOTE:  Inflatable personal flotation devices do not meet the requirements of this section.

14. A person operating a watercraft equipped by the manufacturer with a lanyard-type engine cutoff switch should attach such lanyard to his/her person, clothing, or personal flotation device as appropriate for the specific vessel.

15.   All watercraft in operation between the hours of sunset and sunrise must have running lights in working condition and turned on.  An agent or employee of a fire rescue, emergency rescue unit, or law enforcement division is exempt from this subsection while performing his/her official duties. 

16.  All watercraft must, at all times, be operated in a reasonable and prudent manner.  Maneuvers which unreasonably or unnecessarily endanger life, limb, or property shall constitute reckless operation of a vessel and shall include, but are not limited to:

         (A) Weaving through congested traffic.

         (B) Jumping the wake of another vessel unreasonably or unnecessarily close to such other vessel or when visibility around such other vessel  is obstructed or restricted.

         (C) Becoming airborne or completely leaving the water while crossing the wake of another vessel within 100 feet of the vessel creating the wake.

       (D) Operating at greater than slow/no-wake speed within 50 feet of an anchored or moored vessel, shoreline, dock, pier, swim float, marked swim areas, swimmer, surfers, persons engaged in angling, or any manually powered vessel.

        (E) Operating contrary to navigation rules including following too closely to another vessel, including another personal watercraft.  For the purpose of this subsection, “following too closely” shall be construed as proceeding in the same direction and operation at a speed in excess of 10 mph within 100 feet to the rear or 50 feet to the side of another vessel which is underway, unless said vessels are operation in a narrow channel, in which case personal watercraft may operate at the speed and flow of the other vessel traffic within the channel.

17.   A lake noise ordinance is in effect in Christmas Lake Village.  Shouts, cheers, or excessive noises created by motors, bells, horns, whistles, or other mechanical means are prohibited prior to 7:00 AM, local time and after dusk.  Moreover, extreme excessive noise is strictly prohibited around the clock. Policing of this ordinance will be complaint driven.  Verification of resident complaints of disruptive noise may result in a fine being imposed on the offenders.  

18.  Anchoring your boat, at your own risk, is permitted in cove areas and no wake zones only, 7days a week.

19.  Excluding holidays, anchoring your boat, at your own risk, during daylight hours is permitted in the main channel Monday through Friday ONLY.

Speed Limits

1.   Maximum speed limit is 35 MPH.

2.   Maximum speed limit in all coves and “No Wake Zones” is Idle, not to exceed 4 MPH.

3.   Maximum speed for any craft operating between sunset and 7:00 AM is 10 MPH.

Skiing and Tubing

1.   Boats must have a responsible observer other than the pilot of the watercraft.

2.   When possible, turn to PORT (LEFT) to pick up a fallen skier or tuber.

3.   Do not follow closer than two hundred (200) feet in the wake of the watercraft


4.   Watercraft shall not tow more than two (2) people at a time.

5.   Tow lines shall not be longer than seventy (70) feet.

6.   Towing is not allowed between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

7.   U.S. Coast Guard approved life vests or jackets must be worn by all skiers and tubers.

8.   An orange safety flag (12”x12”)must be displayed by a passenger/observer at all times when a skier or tuber is down in the water, or if an object other than a skier or tuber is being towed.  This flag is NOT to be permanently mounted on the watercraft.

9.   The tow rope shall be retrieved unless returning to pick up a downed skier or tuber.


1.       Swimming at your own risk is permitted in cove areas and no wake zones only, 7 days a week.

2.      Excluding holidays, swimming at your own risk during daylight hours is permitted in the main channel, Monday through Friday only.

Winter Lake Rules

Frozen lakes are very dangerous.  Use extreme caution around frozen lakes.  The Association does not advocate activities on the ice.


1. Littering into or on any of the lakes or their shorelines or adjoining common areas is prohibited and will be strictly enforced following Indiana DNR guidelines.

Personal Watercraft

1.   Personal watercraft will be operated under the same regulations, including speed limits, as other watercraft unless otherwise specified herein.

2.   Personal watercraft will operate only between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

3.   No towing of skiers or tubers is allowed.

4.   Maximum horsepower allowed is seventy-two (72).

5.   Life vests must be worn by all persons on the personal watercraft during operation

6.   Do not follow closer than two hundred (200) feet in the wake of the watercraft ahead.

7.   Riding of any kind that may be construed as reckless is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, sitting on the bow or front of the craft forward of the handles, persons hanging onto the stern or gunwales, and standing or riding backwards.

8.   An operator shall not maneuver the craft in such a way as might throw riders

or the operator, or capsize the boat.

9.   A person operating a personal watercraft equipped by the manufacturer with a lanyard-type engine cutoff switch must attach such lanyard to his/her person, clothing, or personal flotation device as appropriate for the specific vessel.

                 (Only1 PWC is authorized on Christmas Lake under grandfather clause)

Violation Penalties

1.   Any unregistered craft on the lakes will lose lake privileges until the watercraft is registered at the Association’s Office, and the watercraft must be removed from the water. A $25.00 fee will be paid for late registration (See Rule 1 Page 2).

2.   There will be a zero tolerance alcohol policy enforced towards minors.

3.   Police reports must be completed for all damage causing collisions or accidents.

4.   Violations, citations and fines are the responsibility of the CLV property owner. Fines not paid within 30 days will result in the loss of lake privileges. (Watercraft must be removed from the lake.)

            (A)Violation of any of the rules and regulations as set forth herein during anyone violation period of one year, shall be subject to the following penalties:

(1)  First violation – warning.

(2)  Second violation – citation and $75.00 fine.

(3) Third violation – citation and $100.00 fine and loss of

     privileges (water craft must be removed from the lake) – 1 month.

(4) Fourth violation – citation and $150.00 fine and loss of

     privileges (water craft must be removed from the lake) – rest of year.

(B) In addition to the penalties provided herein for the violation of specific rules set forth herein, the penalties imposed by the State of Indiana for the violation of any State law, rule or regulation, or any applicable DNR rules or regulations shall also apply as may be appropriate.

Lake Patrol
      Although Christmas Lake Village’s three lakes are not “public waters” as defined in I. C. 14-8-2-226, as of the date that these Rules and Regulations are approved, these lakes will be made open to appropriate enforcement and patrol officers who possess enforcement powers granted to them by the State of Indiana, thereby making all Indiana watercraft statutes, I. C. 14-15 et seq. and State rules and regulations and certain applicable DNR rules and regulations fully enforceable on this private lake property.  Provided, however, nothing therein shall be construed as opening the properties to the public.


Rules and Regulations set forth here in are to be enforced by a duly authorized patrol.  Patrol may use a radar gun, Breathalyzer, digital camera, cellular telephone or police radio as necessary to properly enforce the rules and maintain order on the lakes.  Patrol shall have the authority to issue warnings and citations subject to review and appeal below


(A) Appeal to a hearing examiner selected from a 3 person panel, selected by the board within seven (7) days of request for appeal.

(B) May appeal hearing examiner’s decision to full Board or 3 person panel selected by Board within five (5) days of request for appeal.


Total daily limit per Angler is 25 fish for all three lakes.

Creel Limit Violations will result in the following.

(1)   First Violation; Release of Creel

(2)   Second Violation;$75 Fine and Release of Creel

(3)   Third Violation;$150 Fine, Release of Creel, and Lake Privileges suspended remainder ofyear. 

Christmas, Noel, and Holly Lakes


Over 10”



Over 18”



12” to 18”



12” under



Over 8”



Over 8”



Over 18”



Over 21”


Total daily limit per Angler is 25 fish for all three lakes.

All other fish not listed with limits or catch and release have no limits and all should be removed from the lakes.

Absolutely,no bucket dumping of bait into any lake at any time!


  • Your adherence to these rules will improve our fishery.
  • Remember that all fingers/coves are “No Wake”.
  • We do not allow float or jug fishing.
  • Bush Lines or Bank Lines or any unattended lines are not allowed.  Any found will be removed.
  • Ice fishing is allowed.  Holes for ice fishing are not to be more than 12” in diameter.  BE CAREFUL!
  • CLV Board Members or any CLV employee may review an angler’s daily catch.
  • No fishing license is required for a member or their accompanied guest.
  • “Visiting” boats are not allowed.
  • The Association will consider stocking fish on an annual basis
  • The Association will consider a professional fish survey as indicated by need.
  • Members are directly responsible for guest actions and will be held accountable.  Guests desiring to fish must be accompanied by member or resident family member.