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Our Architectural Review Board meetings are twice a month, the first meeting always follows the BOD monthly meeting which is the second Thursday of every month except for June.  This meeting is always held at our Recreational Facility at 6 PM. Our Second Architectural Review Board Meeting is scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 PM at the Gatehouse. 

In order for plans to be reviewed they must be submitted no less then 4 days prior to the scheduled meeting. 

Plans need to include all pertinent information with detailed drawings with dimensions.

Please call the office and talk with Chris if you have questions.

Lot #               ______________________________

911 Address   ______________________________

Contractor:    ______________________________Phone#_________________

Member:        ______________________________Phone#_________________

Construction  Type

 New Home Construction    Home Addition Building (Shed)
 Fencing   Pool Boat Dock  Deck  Garage Addition
 Other (Describe)

Description of Project





 Other ________________________________________

 Shingle - Color __________

 Metal    - Color __________

 Other    - Color ___________Description________________

Water / Drainage Plan Enclosed

Not applicable (My plans will not affect property drainage in any way)


 Concrete / Slab
 None (Free standing building)
 Other (Describe) __________________________________________________________



% Breakdown if more than one: % Brick & Color ____/____% Vinyl & Color_____/_____

% Stucco and Color __________/__________
Not applicable (My plans will not require any siding)

Square Footage

    _________ Total square footage
    _________ 1st story | _________ 2nd story | _________ Basement _________Garage


Estimated Cost of Plans ___________________________

  1. _________________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________________

 No variance(s) is requested.

Estimated start date____/______/____ Estimated Finish Date____/_______/____

                                         Plans must include the following:

1. Samples of literature provided on products being used, i.e. Siding, roofing, stone,etc.
2. All Utilities need to be clearly marked on plans.
3. Representation will be required at the meeting by either homeowner, builder, or representative that

    can answer questions.
4. All renderings of the structure.

This project is approved contingent upon its completion in accordance with these plans.  The Association cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the drawings.  Should any variation occur which has not been approved by the Architectural Committee, the Association may require the structure to be brought into compliance, up to and including removal. It is the responsibility of the owner to be knowledgeable of any areas of the property where the use of the property is restricted (i.e., setback lines & easements). The Association cannot be held responsible for any encroachment violations.

Scheduled Date for Review ______/_____/________Time & Location___:_____/_____________

------------------SIGNED BY MEMBER AFTER APPROVAL--------------------

X ___________________________________________________________ Date ___/____/___

Construction must begin within 180 days from the notification date.

Notified _______________________        Expires _________________

------------------------------------OFFICE USE ONLY-----------------------------------------


 Date plans are submitted                                ______/______/_____
 Date plans are ready for Board approval        ______/______/_____
 30-day deadline date                                       ______/______/_____


Deposit required                 __________        No Deposit required     __________
Fee                                      __________        Refund Amount            __________

Board Signatures

□ ______________________    ___/___/___     □ ______________________    ___/___/___    
□ ______________________    ___/___/___     □ ______________________    ___/___/___    
□ ______________________    ___/___/___     □ ______________________    ___/___/___    
□ ______________________    ___/___/___    


Board Signatures

Disapprove                                                         Reason
□ ______________________    ___/___/___     ______________________________________
□ ______________________    ___/___/___     ______________________________________
□ ______________________    ___/___/___     ______________________________________
□ ______________________    ___/___/___     ______________________________________
□ ______________________    ___/___/___     ______________________________________