Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Christmas LakeVillage

Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


Pending Approval at November 11, 2021 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Don Vogel and noted thata quorum was present.

Directors present were Don Vogel, Rick Humerickhouse, Mark Evans, Matt Benningfield, CJ Stidham & Lisa Gengelbach.

Marlene Elliott & Todd Grundhoefer were absent.

There were (19) Association Members in attendance and (14) Association Members attending via ZOOM.


  • Carolyn Williams-Foell – Would like to see temporary “children playing” signs in construction areas.
  • Kelly Greulich – Questioned the approval of a detached garage that is 80 x 30 on Pine Drive.  Are we changing our rules and allowing pole barns?  There is no size limit on garages in the architectural rules, but we have a size limit on sheds.
  • Rick Deskins - Complained of the cookie cutter designs and harmonious looks of the homes in the 11th Subdivision.  Also, new home construction equipment running at 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM at night.



            Don gave an update of the most recent Town Council meeting:

  • New radios for the Fire & Police Departments
  • Safety Day 10/23 @ Yellig Park
  • Medicine clean-out day 10/23 at the Firehouse
  • State has signed off on trails.  The town can now begin to mow
  • Police Department has hired a new full-time officer.  He is from St. Meinrad
  • Fire Department reported that their runs to Holiday World are up from last year
  • The Police Department also reported that their runs are up 42 from a year ago
  • No more vacant lot sewer fees as of 1/1/2022


Lisa Gengelbach made a motion to approve the September Monthly Meeting Minutes

Rick Humerickhouse seconded the motion

Vote in Favor 6 to 0


Mark Evans read the Treasurer’s Report for month ending September2021:

Current YTD Income:             $  952,319

YTD Expenses:                       $   564,794

Current Net Income:               $   387,525

Monies on Hand:                    $    458,604.83

Dock Account:                        $   40,563.87

Storage Account:                    $     5,690.12  

Capital Improvement:             $     4,380.94

Investment Update:

August Reserves                     $586,401.19

September Reserves                $457,572.08

The Reserves account saw a decrease of $ 128,829.11 from August to September 2021

Rick Humerickhouse made a motion to accept the September Treasurer’s Report

CJ Stidham seconded the motion

Vote in Favor 6 to 0


Chris Ambs, Property Manager, reported on Assessments collected for September 2021

Prior year assessments collected for the month of September2021:  $ 139.06

Total Collected for 2021 - $ 18,593.48

Budgeted Assumption for 2021 - $ 7,854.00

2021 Budgeted Lots:  Budgeted1793 – collected 1866


  • There are approximately 4 homes for sale in CLV 
  • There are 18 open construction permits
  • Yard sale Closeout – 1000 car count, 2 Food Trucks vendors both want to be invited back next year.
  • New covered storage area – buildings complete.  Still need chicken wire, electricity, PSCI, security cameras
  • Chipping campaign will run the month of October
  • Leaf collection will kick off in November
  • Pavilion at Rec Center repaired to stabilize structure


  • Contract Home Purchases – Amy Busler owns (1) home under a contract purchase. (Lot 01-146).  Individual signs contract for 2 years financing and after the 2 years, the individual gets their own financing. 

The issue is the new contract owner wants to put a boat on the lake. The office sees this individual as a renter. The deeded member is Amy Busler.

Lisa Gengelbach wants to research the information and look at the current contract on file.

The board decided to table this issue until the November board meeting.

  • Construction end time – Carolyn Williams-Foell voiced a concern about implementing a construction end time in the Architectural Rules
  • Member concerned about Lake Weed – We have had a very warm summer.  We have had to deal with blue-green algae.   The fishermen love the weed, the boaters hate the weed.  Coop’s Lake Solutions will be visiting CLV next week to give us a demonstration.   This company said they can treat all our lakes for less than what we are currently spending for lake treatment.


1.       2022 Budget Review – Mark reviewed the budget. No increase in the assessment for 2022

Lisa Gengelbach seconded the motion from the committee to accept the 2022Budget.

All in Favor 6 to 0

2.      Trick or Treat Date – Saturday 10/30 or Sunday 10/31?  Do we want to change Trick or Treat hours to Saturday.

Rick Humerickhouse made a motion to keep Trick or Treating on Sunday, October31. 

Mark Evans seconded the motion

All in Favor 6 to 0

3.      Board Member Larry Loucka passed away a few weeks ago.  We will have a special election at the November meeting.    This vacancy will be for November 2021 – June2022.


We cashed out the annuity with Fifth Third Securities to use toward the storage construction.  We are currently in the process of securing a $200,000 loan to complete the project.


  • Budget & Assessment – Mark Evans – no report
  • Rules & Regulations -Marlene Elliott – absent - no report
  • Nominating– CJ Stidham – Vacancy to be filled at November meeting
  • Additions & Revisions – Rick Humerickhouse – no report

  • Events – Lisa Gengelbach – Reviewed upcoming events

Mark Evans made a motion to adjourn. 

Rick Humerickhouse seconded the motion

All in Favor 6 to 0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM

Respectfully submitted                                                             

Julie Benningfield                                                                       

Assistant Property Manager                                                         

Christmas Lake Properties