Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Christmas LakeVillage

Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


Pending Approval at December 9, 2021 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Don Vogel and noted thata quorum was present.

Directors present were Don Vogel, Mark Evans, Matt Benningfield, CJ Stidham, Todd Grundhoefer & Marlene Elliott  

Rick Humerickhouse & Lisa Gengelbach were absent.

There were (20) Association Members in attendance and (9) Association Members attending via ZOOM.


Applicants for the current vacancy are:  Nathan Allen, Larry Ball, Ken Rice & Seth Yates.

The board recessed at 6:05 and returned at 6:17 electing Seth Yates to fill the vacancy from now until June 2022.



Coop’s LakeSolutions - Kurt Cooper with Coop’s Lake Solutions has been hired by CLV to work on weed control in ChristmasLake. He is using Phoslock to treat the lake. Lake is showing remarkable success already. The lake has 15 hotspots – looking at certain growths, algae, etc  A, B & C Docks are showing good progress.


Matt Benningfield made a motion to approve the October Monthly Meeting Minutes

CJ Stidham seconded the motion

All in Favor 7 to 0

Don asked for a motion to amend  the September meeting minutes.  We stated that we were securing a 4 year loan from Spencer County Bank in the amount of $200,000.  We have since changed to Fifth Third Bank for this loan for a period of 5 years.

Marlene Elliott made a motion to amend the minutes.

Todd Grundhoefer seconded the motion.

All in Favor 7 to 0.


Mark Evans read the Treasurer’s Report for month ending October2021:

Current YTD Income:             $    964,501

YTD Expenses:                       $     763,889

Current Net Income:               $     200,612

Monies on Hand:                    $ 178,184.11

Dock Account:                        $   40,564.56

Storage Account:                    $   10,060.53  

Capital Improvement:             $     4,380.94

Investment Update:

September Reserves                $457,572.08

October Reserves                    $474,534.98

The Reserves account saw an increase of $ 16,962.90 from September to October 2021

Marlene Elliott made a motion to accept the October Treasurer’s Report

Matt Benningfield seconded the motion

Vote in Favor 7 to 0


State is wanting to give the town the road that comes off Highway245 to the golf course. The state will pay up to $200,000.  The lowest bid the town has received is$238,000. The town is currently negotiating with the State.

Christmas fireworks will be the First Saturday in December. This won’t conflict with the FOL like it did last year.

Parade route will not pass through the shopping center.  It will be going down Pat Koch Blvd.

Kasper gate divider posts – 14 posts were knocked down over the weekend.  James Faulkenburg  already knows who did the damage.  Juvenile sposted the incident on social media.


Chris Ambs, Property Manager, reported on Assessments collected for October 2021

Prior year assessments collected for the month of October2021:  $ 1,190.12

Total Collected for 2021 - $ 19,783.60

Budgeted Assumption for 2021 - $ 7,854.00

2021 Budgeted Lots:  Budgeted1793 – collected 1872


  • There are approximately 5 homes for sale in CLV 
  • There are 18 open construction permits
  • Storage Area update:  Road paved, chicken wire installed on building #1, security partially installed, gate partially installed. Waiting on PSC & Center point
  • Coop’s Lake Solutions treating Christmas Lake
  • Rudolph paving is complete for 2021
  • Leaf collection campaign as kicked off
  • Christmas decorating has kicked off
  • Maintenance storage area access control has been relocated to hopefully eliminate accidental contact


  • Rules & Regs Meeting – Marlene reviewed the construction times and define stop times.  Construction noise will cease at 8 PM.  This is during all months except for June, July & August.  In the 3 summer months, noise will cease at 9 PM.

Coming from the committee it doesn’t need a motion.  The change is the motion.

Matt Benningfield seconded the motion.

All in Favor 7 to 0

Waste Management – Our contract with Waste Management ends in April 2022.  We are currently in contract for our members at $46.89/qtr.  After conversation with WM, they agreed to a 3-year agreement at the same price of $46.89/qtr.  Still trying to contact the customer service rep about upgrading their equipment.


  • Festival of Lights – Brown County Kettle Corn has asked to setup during the FOL.  They will be set up in the upper parking lot of the Rec Center and 20% of their proceeds will go to CASA.

Marlene Elliott made a motion to allow Brown County Kettle Corn to sell their product during the FOL.

Todd Grundhoefer seconded the motion

All in Favor 7 to 0

  • Holiday World is selling turkey dinners for Thanksgiving and would like for us to advertise this in the CLV email.  The meal serves 8 and costs $179.00.  Board agreed it was ok to advertise in CLV email.


  • Covered Storage – Building #1.  The wire mesh is up.  So far we have 34 people signed up.  The gate access will be card access only.  Security lights will be motion activated.  The cost is $700/year and can be split into 2 payments.
  • Contract Purchases – during last month’s meeting, Amy Busler brought an issue to the Board regarding her contract owner not being able to bring a boat in to CLV.  The member had originally been denied this privilege and the member was to be treated as a renter with no privileges.  Lisa Gengelbach reviewed the By-Laws and found that the association will have 2 types of members including a “contract purchaser”.  Amy has been contacted and the contract owner has been informed of this information.


  • Budget & Assessment – Mark Evans – no report
  • Rules & Regulations -Marlene Elliott – no report – will meet with Architectural Committee about garage sizes
  • Nominating– CJ Stidham – Board vacancy filled this evening
  • Additions & Revisions – Rick Humerickhouse – absent - no report
  • Events – Lisa Gengelbach – absent – no report

Todd Grundhoefer gave an update on the Golf Course – The restaurant is open 8 AM – 8:30 PM – 7 days a week except Christmas & New Years.  Woods are being cleared out for future development. 

Mark Evans made a motion to adjourn

CJ Stidham seconded the motion

All in Favor 7 to 0.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM

Respectfully submitted                                                             

Julie Benningfield                                                                       

Assistant Property Manager                                                         

Christmas Lake Properties