Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Call to Order/Quorum

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Special Election;       Lisa Gengelbach

                                   Todd Gruendhoefer

   Paul Kyle

                                   Kayla Richards          

Member’s Forum

Todd Grundhoefer brief on Golf Course.

Santa Claus Town Council Brief

Reading of Minutes

1.  Monthly Board Meeting 04/08/2021.

Treasurer Report;        Mark Evans

Delinquency Report Property Manager.

Past Years Assessments collected for month of March;         $2,833.93

Total Collected:                                                                      $15,671.54

Budgeted Assumption:                                                           $ 7,854.00

Current Year Assessments, out of our 1,793 Budgeted assumption for payable lots 1,801have paid in full or have applied first installment of split pay.

Manager’s Report

1.  For April 2021; 2 new homes sold, 11vacant lots and 2 half lots have changed hands. With 3 rental properties selling.  

  Currently CLV has approximately 7 homes listed on market.  

2.      Open CLV Construction Permits “23”

a.       20 New construction

b.      2 Home Addition

c.       1 Detached Garages

3.      Kevin Laswell has completed clearing and has started leveling of designated new storage area.

4.      Access Gate started at Maintenance/Storage area.

5.      Limb Collection Campaign closed out.

6.      Frisbee Golf Equipment has been installed. (no course specs are displayed)

7.      Streetlights, Center Point Energy (Vectren) out of street light heads assemblies, four throughout village are waiting for replacement, 8 to 10 weeks.

8.      Vandalism on rise inside CLV.

9.      Brian Pund has updated Security Camera System.

New Business

1.      Advance Disposal Contract scheduled to expire April 1, 2022. If canceled company must be notified prior to 60 days of end date. CLV Office has been inundated with complaints for over the past year on unreliable, inconsistent, overall bad service.

2.      TAXSALE Update, 127 CLV lots have sold. Note of concern; Fountain Investments LLC has purchased 38. 17 DeeLou lots, 12 Darin Brewer lots, and 4 Allen Parker lots have all sold.

New owners may take possession on August 25, 2021.

Action Items

1.      Annual Yard Sale, scheduled for September 18, 2021 (3rd Saturday) discussion/decision.

Old Business

1.      Second attempt by BOD to resolve Adam and Krista Hoffman’s gravel covered culvert.  

2.      BOD to hear Adam and Krista Hoffman’s case for not removing camper parked on adjacent vacant lot which is currently in violation of Rules and Regulations and Covenants and Restrictions.

Committee Reports

1.      Budget and Assessment (Mark Evans)      

2.      Nominations and Elections Supervisory Committee (CJ Stidham)

Seven members have applied.

3.      Additions and Revisions Committee (Rick Humerickhouse)

4.      Rules and Regulations (Rick Humerickhouse)

5.      Events Committee (Lisa Gengelbach)