Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Christmas LakeVillage

Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


Pending Approval at May 13, 2021 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Don Vogel and noted that  a quorum was present.

Directors present were Don Vogel, Mark Evans, Marlene Elliott, Larry Loucka, CJ Stidham & Andrew Meadors.

Jonathan Kincaid, Rick Humerickhouse & Matthew Benningfield were absent.

There were (6) Association Members in attendance and (4) Association Members in attendance via ZOOM.




Town Council will be meeting on Monday, April 12.  Don will give an update at the May Monthly Meeting


Marlene Elliott made a motion to approve the March Monthly Meeting Minutes

The motion was seconded by Mark Evans

Vote in Favor 5 to 0


Mark Evans read the Treasurer’s Report for month ending March2021:

Current YTD Income:             $  793,610         

YTD Expenses:                       $   164,921

Current Net Income:               $   628,689

Monies on Hand:                   $ 573,766.84

Dock Account:                        $   29,634.97

Storage Account:                    $   21,560.52              

Capital Improvement:             $   45,073.80

Investment Update:

March Reserves                      $565,006.06

February Reserves                  $552,143.71

The Reserve account saw an increase of $ 12,862.35 from February to March 2021.

Marlene Elliott made a motion to accept the March Treasurer’s Report

Andrew Meadors seconded the motion

Vote in Favor 5 to 0


Chris Ambs, Property Manager, reported on Assessments collected for March 2021.

Prior year assessments collected for the month of March 2021:  $4,042.86

Total Collected for 2021 - $ 12,837.61

Budgeted Assumption for 2021 - $ 7,854.00


  • Real Estate Report – March:  7 homes sold (3 were new construction), 12 vacant lots, 2 half lots and 1 renter changed hands
  • There are approximately 5 homes for sale in CLV 
  • There are 23 open construction permits
  • Kevin Laswell will start clearing the new designated storage area
  • Lake stocking is complete for 2021
  • Access gate started at Maintenance/Storage area
  • Limb collection campaign continues through the month of April
  • Frisbee golf equipment has arrived – will begin installation in next few weeks
  • Brian Pund is updating camera system



Member Rules & Regs Violation - Adam & Krista Hoffman (Lot 12-066) – Gravel covered culvert indirect violation of Rules & Regs.  It was agreed to send the member a violation letter to get the culvert in compliance within 60 days to avoid being fined.


Certificate Sale – All Spencer County tax delinquent properties are up for sale starting 9 AM on April 26 and ending at Noon on April 27.  This is an online auction. Minimum bid is $100.  Visit to view properties.


Board members – Absenteeism – Don talked about the recent absence of board members at monthly meetings.  He requested that any board member that misses 4 meetings will be asked to leave –making it retroactive as of January 2021.

Mark Evans made a motion to ask a board member to leave the board if he or she misses 4 meetings within the timeframe of 12 consecutive monthly meetings

Larry Loucka seconded the motion

All in Favor 5 to 0


  • Budget & Assessment – Mark Evans – no report
  • Rules & Regulations –Rick Humerickhouse – absent – no report
  • Nominating– CJ Stidham – reported 5 members have applied
  • Additions & Revisions – Rick Humerickhouse – absent - no report
  • Events – Lisa Gengelbach – via Zoom - no report

Larry Loucka made a motion to adjourn

Mark Evans seconded the motion

All in Favor 5 to 0.

Meeting adjourned at 6:29 PM

Respectfully submitted

Julie Benningfield

Assistant Property Manager

Christmas Lake Properties