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Christmas LakeVillage

Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


Pending Approval at December 10, 2020 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Don Vogel and noted thata quorum was present.

Directors present were Don Vogel, Rick Humerickhouse, MatthewBenningfield, Andrew Meadors, Jonathan Kincaid, CJ Stidham, Marlene Elliott &Larry Loucka.

Mark Evans was absent.

There were (6) AssociationMembers in attendance.


Sandy Tullis –brought up a complaint about box trailers – they are an eyesore.  Don asked Rick to take this issue to theRules & Regs Committee.


*CLV has arepresentative going to the monthly Town meeting.  We would like a   representative from the town to attend ourmeeting. 

*The SCFD has made30 more runs this year than this same time last year.  After a recent house fire in CLV, the SCFDwould like for all members to check the fire hydrants in their area.  It took the SCFD 10 minutes to remove thelandscaping and brush from around the hydrant to hook up their hoses. 

*The SCPD will begetting body cams. 

*The east sideconnector trail will start next spring.

*There is a lawsuitagainst the golf course – group of individuals do not like the way it has beenzoned.

*6 areas in CLV thatthe town needs to patch due to water main breaks. 


Rick Humerickhouse made a motion to approve the October MonthlyMeeting Minutes.

The motion was seconded by Jonathan Kincaid. 

Vote in Favor 7 to 0.


Rick Humerickhouse read the Treasurer’s Report for Octoberin Mark Evans absence:


Current YTD Income:             $  953,621        

YTD Expenses:                       $   713,618

Current Net Income:               $   240,003

Monies on Hand:                   $232,975.99

Dock Account:                        $  19,649.20

Rec Ctr Account:                    $  14,160.17

Storage Account:                    $  21,256.06               

Capital Improvement:             $  29,068.42

Investment Update:

September Reserves                $509,447.44

October Reserves                    $504,780.39

The Reserve account saw a decreaseof $ 4,667.05 from September to October 2020.

Marlene Elliott made a motion to accept the October Treasurer’sReport.  

CJ Stidham seconded the motion.

Vote in Favor 7 to 0.


Chris Ambs, Property Manager, reported on Assessmentscollected for October 2020.

Prior year assessments collected for the month of October 2020:  $1,364.52

Total Collected for 2020 - $ 16,377.96

Budgeted Assumption for 2020 - $ 9,060.00


  • Real Estate Report – October:   9 existing homes, 9 vacant lots, 2 half vacant lots & 3 new renters changed hands.
  • There are approximately 8 homes for sale in CLV 
  • There are 24 open construction permits
  • Storage area clearing has started
  • Fall Leaf Collection Campaign has kicked off and will run throughout November & December
  • Boats & Campers should be stored as of November 1, 2020
  • Gatehouse has restricted access to members due to COVID-19 concerns.  We encourage everyone to call before arriving
  • Storage area theft – CLV does have cameras at the Storage area.  Members need to inspect equipment no less than once a month
  • Vandalism at Polar Park
  • HGTV continues to film at Boyd’s Residence (11th Sub) & Winkler’s Residence (12th Sub)
  • Box trailers are an eyesore – members complaining they want them stored away
  • Christmas decorations are going up



Festival of Lights Update – Dueto COVID – we will have the Festival of Lights for visitors, but the Rec Centerwill not be open for snacks & bathrooms. There will be no Santa greeting visitors.  CASA will still take donations for both schedulednights.  Events Committee wants to put anote in the next newsletter asking for volunteers to help residents with their outdoorChristmas decorations.

            Toys for Tots - campaign continuesat the gatehouse for Christmas 2020


Tax Sale/Vacant Lot Update -Mark and Don drove through CLV and identified vacant lots from the 2020 taxsale that were desirable lots to get back into paying HOA, taxes, etc.  There are 54 lots that we are currentlylooking at.  CLV does not want topurchase the lots at the certificate sale, but we want buyers to participate inthe certificate sale and then CLV may be interested in purchasing the balanceon the list of 54 lots we have identified as desirable.  Donwill give another update in December.


Request to place Shelter at Storage Area – Sam Schatz wants to place a shelter at the storage area.  Board members were concerned about it beingsecure.

Don brought up to Sam that we do plan on having covered storage at thenew storage area being built at the old Hanning Property.

Sam decided not to pursue it right now. It was just an idea.





  • Budget & Assessment – Mark Evans – absent – no report
  • Rules & Regulations –Rick Humerickhouse – Set up meeting to review Box Trailers & discuss Kayak safety
  • Nominating– CJ Stidham – no report
  • Additions & Revisions – Rick Humerickhouse – no report
  • Events – Lisa Gengelbach – absent - no report

Larry Loucka made a motion to adjourn

Rick Humerickhouse seconded the motion

All in Favor 7 to 0.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM

Respectfully submitted

Julie Benningfield

Assistant Property Manager

Christmas Lake Properties