Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Welcome to Christmas Lake Village!

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2018 Fishing Advisory Committee Recommendations

Please exercise extreme caution when dealing with possible scams; If it's to good to be true odds are it is!


New Town Ordinance for Golf Carts UTVs and ATVs



A reminder for all CLV members, Gate Attendants are here to serve as a conduit for guest, contractors, and emergency services. If you have questions about anything else please contact the office at 544-2234 and discuss with Julie or Chris. Gate Attendants will not or should not be answering questions outside of their area of responsibility.


Street Light not working! simply call 812 464-4750 and report it immediately to get it fixed.

[] Garbage Can reminder; Containers cannot be placed on curb prior to 6PM the day prior to pickup and must be put away prior to 6 PM day of pickup. Violaters may receive a $5 a day fine until container is put away. If your leaving the area it is your responsibility to ensure arrangements are made to have container put away.

[] Pet owners! Please keep your pets under control at all times and pick up after them. Loose pets can and will result in a $25 occurrence fine if owner is identified.