Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Questionnaire for Prospective Board Members

Please complete and submit this with your resume or CLV.

1.                Are you able to make regularly scheduled board meetings

          (2nd Thursday of every month)?

2.                Are you able to attend executive meetings on short notice?  

3.                Are you able to attend committee meetings?

4.                How long have you owned property in the village?

5.                How long have you lived in the village? 

6.                Why do you wantto join the board?

Procedure for board appointments

1.)        Complete and turn in the questionnaire with your resume by the deadline

2.)        Attend the following board meeting

3.)        At the end of the board meeting give a short 3-4 minute presentation describing yourself, your interests and your concerns for the village.  Do not exceed 5 minutes for your presentation.

4.)        Vote will be held by secret ballot after the presentations. 

5.)        Selected member will be seated after announcement.