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Approved 9/13/12 

Revised 07/27/16

1.    Landlords shall ensure thatthe tenant has been supplied with, and tenants will agree to abide by, theChristmas Lake Village By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and Covenants andRestrictions.

2.    Both landlord and tenantwill be notified by the Association if any By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, andCovenants and Restrictions are being violated by the tenant.  The landlord maintains all responsibility forthe tenant’s adherence to these standards.

3.    Landlords shall supply tothe Association, the name(s), address, phone number and/or e-mail address ofthe owner(s) and tenant(s), and the length of the lease which cannot be lessthan 1 year unless it involves a real estate transfer when a possession dateissue exists. In this case the realtor can lease such home for no less than 30days to aid in the transfer of the permanent home in CLV. The realtor shallpresent documentation to the CLV office of the leases which are less than 6months. Landlords shall also supply any updates or changes in occupancy ortenancy (e.g., notices of early termination of leases, evictions of tenants,renewals etc.)  This will be requiredbefore any gate passes are released to the tenant.

4.    No subleases permitted.

5.    No short term leases orvacation rentals.


I(we), the undersigned tenant(s), have received and understand, and consent toabide by the, By-laws, Rules and Regulations, covenants, restrictions, andother provisions contained in the Covenants


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