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Revised 8/21/2018 Effective 8/21/2018

1. The key to the Recreation Center may be picked up at the Gatehouse the day
of the event, no earlier than 7:30 AM. Under no circumstances will Recreation
Center Key be picked up prior to day of event.
2. Fees & Sign Restrictions:
♦ All fees must be paid at the time the reservation is made.
♦ The rental fee is $160.00.
♦ Any signs and/or decorations used shall be free standing and at no time
shall be attached to, or be placed in such a manner as to obscure or
obstruct any Christmas Lake Village (CLV) sign.
♦ Signs shall conform to CLV size rules. (Not to exceed 5 square feet).The
key must be returned to the Gate Attendant on duty no later than 1:00 AM
the day following the function.
3. The property owner who is renting the facility must be at the Recreation
Center on the date of the rental and is responsible for the behavior of anyone
in attendance and for any damage to the building, its contents, or Association
property going to and from the center.
4. As a courtesy to nearby residents, the renter must close the Recreation
Center by 12:00 midnight. All outdoor activities must cease by 10:00 PM.
Shelter houses are included in the 10:00 PM outdoor closing.
♦ All tables must be wiped clean, folded, and stacked in table storage closet
in an orderly manner.
♦ All chairs must be folded and returned to chair storage racks.
♦ Trash must be bagged, placed in containers and put behind kitchen wall.
♦ Counter, sink, and appliances must be wiped down.
♦ Floors must be swept and spills mopped with a damp mop. Brooms,
mops, and cleaning supplies will be found behind the partition.
♦ Lights must be turned off.
♦ All doors must be locked.
6. Failure to adhere to closing procedures will result in no less than a $30 charge
to renter. Invoices for clean up, missing items, or damage will be
determined by Property Manager following event. Unpaid invoices will result in
members loss of privileges if not satisfied within 30 days after received.
7. Outdoor PA/audio systems are prohibited.
Recreation Center Regulations, Version 8/21/18 Page !1
8. Recreation Center Renters who violate these rules will be refused privileges in
the future.
9. Functions may not be booked more than one calendar year in advance.
10. The Recreation Center is booked through the CLV Properties Office ONLY.
11. Recreation Center Renters shall adhere to all legal codes and have sole
responsibility of securing any and all necessary licenses and permits from state
and local governments for use of food, beer, wine, and intoxicating beverages.
Illegal drugs are not allowed at any event or activity.
12. Smoking or the use of candles is prohibited in the Recreation Center.
13. No climbing on deck railing.
14. No pets permitted in building (except for service animals).
15. No tacks, nails, tape, staples, etc… (which may cause damage to paint or
drywall, trim, cabinets, etc…) in or on wall.
17. No fireworks permitted in Rec Center, on its decks or grounds.
Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the Recreation Center clean and
available for others to use after you have finished.
Please sign below to indicate that you have read these rules.
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Phone Number__________________________________________________
LOT #_____________________Rental DATE:_______________________
Gate Attendant; Do not file until key is returned
Gate Attendant Initials_____________Key Returned time________________
Recreation Center Regulations, Version 8/21/18 Page !2