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Parking Rule

Revised 12/10/2020


Parking: Reference, Covenants and Restrictions, Page 13, Section 11, Paragraph (i).  

1. No vehicles shall be parked regularly or habitually on any Street in the Subdivision, and the Owner of each Lot shall provide adequate off-street parking facilities for the vehicles of all occupants of each Residence.  

2.  Camping trailers, campers and boats mounted on boat trailers may be parked in an Owner's drive between April 1 and October 31 each year; and at all other times they must be parked in a garage, carport or at a location other than in the Subdivision; provided, however, that at no time shall a trailer, camper, boat or boat trailer be parked on any Lot on which a Residence has not been erected. 

 3. Vehicles exceeding ¾ ton rating, classed as commercial, such as trucks and vans, may not be parked on any Lot unless the Owner shields same from the Street. 

 4. Cargo, Utility, and Specialty Trailers exceeding 12Feet in length will not be parked at any time visible from the roadway.