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Revised 3/13/2014

Effective 3/13/2014

This policy pertains to all RuralMailboxes within the confines of Christmas Lake Village.  The sole type mailbox that may be utilizedwithin Christmas Lake Village is as follows:

TYPE:                                     MAILMASTER TRIMLINE PLUS


MODEL:                                 533000– SPRUCE

These mailboxes require a supporting 4x4post which must be dug into the ground and stabilized. To eliminate thepossibility of severing a utility line when installing your mailbox you areencouraged to contact “HOLEY MOLEY” at 1-800-382-5544 prior to digging.  This is a unified concern that willcoordinate the marking of all underground utility lines, except water, withinyour proposed digging area.  Be sure toadvise them that you are in Spencer County – Clay Township – Santa Claus.  There is NO CHARGE for this service and mustbe requested a minimum of 48 hours before excavation.

The height of the mailbox, the distancefrom the road edge, and the side of the street on which the mailbox is placedare determined by Post Office requirements. Customers must contact the postmaster for these requirements beforeerecting or replacing their mailbox.  Ifyou are required to place your mailbox across the street from your property youare encouraged to coordinate placement with the property owner.  However, in accordance with Federal law,permission cannot be denied.

Please call the Santa Claus Post Office toobtain your correct mailing address and fill out an application to establishyour new mailing address.  The telephonenumber is 937-4469.