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Proximity Gate Pass Rules

Approved 3/13/14

Rev.  8/13/2015

ProximityGate Passes

Proximity Passes are electronic access cards designed to provide Christmas Lake Village (CLV) Members with more convenient access through the Christmas Lake Village gates.  While the proximity passes remain the property of Christmas Lake Village, they will be distributed to members and residents to allow Village access without security personnel interaction.  Users simply hold the pass in front of the center of the sensor pad. Passes will be programmed to allow access to any gates under CLV control.  For purposes of proximity cards and stickers, contract buyers will be treated as property owners.

  1. Proximity passes will only be issued for vehicles registered with CLV.  The proximity pass must remain with the registered vehicle.  The number of passes issued will not exceed the number of vehicles that have been registered.  At NO time will a vehicle be registered to more than one piece of property.  This equals more passes than cars. 
  2. Members of record shall be entitled to up to two Close Reach (CR) proximity passes, per lot, at no charge. The CR passes reach about 1 to 2 feet.  Additional passes may be issued at $10.00 each up to the maximum amount of registered vehicles per lot.  4 vehicles registered = 4 cards…2 freebies and 2 @ $10.00 each.  If you have 4 registered vehicles and 2 lots, you can get all 4 cards free; six registered vehicles and 3 lots, you can get all 6 cards free; etc
  3. Rental residents may also be issued Close Reach proximity passes.  In order to cover administrative costs, there will be a deposit of $25 per pass for rental residents.  Upon becoming a non-resident of Christmas Lake Village, the applicant shall return the passes to the Christmas Lake Properties Association, Inc. office. If the card is found to be in good working condition (as determined by the office staff), the sum of Twenty-five Dollars ($25) per card may be returned to the card holder.
  4. Stickers are required, and will be available at the gatehouse.  Vehicles without proximity cards must use the lane near the guard for recognition.
  5. Proximity passes are available at the Christmas Lake Properties Association, Inc. office.

Governance of Proximity Passes

  1. Members must have all assessments and/or fees current to be issued proximity passes.   For renter passes to be issued, the property owner of record must maintain a current account (which includes up to date assessments, fees and fines) with Christmas Lake Properties Association, Inc.
  2. Members having delinquent assessments and/or fees shall have their passes deactivated until all accounts are current.  This means that non-property owner passes will be deactivated when the property owner of record has delinquent assessments and/or fees.  NOTE: reactivation may take up to 5 business days.
  3. Proximity passes will be deactivated upon the cardholder becoming a non-resident of CLV.
  4. Proximity passes are not transferable.  Passes are not to be used by anyone other than the registered user.
  5. CLV cannot be held responsible for damaged cards.

Gate Use

1.      Only the front gate may be used for guests, deliveries, or other commercial ingress or egress.

2.      Towed trailers of any sort (such as Utility or Watercraft trailers), Recreational Vehicles, and/or vehicles in excess of 9200 pounds GVW must be brought in through the front gate only.

3.      The left entry lane at the front gate may only be used by proximity pass holders.

4.      Anyone coming in the front gate without a proximity pass must use the right lane.  Cars with current year stickers in this lane may proceed through the gate when it is opened by the security guard.  Anyone else will be stopped and asked to give their name and destination by the security guard

5.      Proximity passholders in the left lane at the front gate have right-of-way.  Cars in the right lane may have to wait until the left lane is cleared of traffic.

6.     The incoming back gate is on a timer, NOT an electrical loop. The gate WILL close at the prescribed interval of time intended to allow only a single passenger vehicle through before closing.  Do not hesitate or follow another car through the gate.

7.     Damages to any gate and/or personal vehicle entering or exiting the Village incorrectly are the obligations of the vehicle owner and/or the party to whom the offending proximity pass is issued.



    1. 1st Offense =  7 days
    2. 2nd Offense = 30 days
    3. 3rd Offense = 90 days
    4. 4th Offense = 1 year
    5.  5th Offense = permanent

Extended Reach Passes

Extended Reach (ER) Passes may be issued in lieu of the CR passes for CLVcost.  This is currently $45.00, but may change from time to time. This is a one-time fee. These passes work up to 3’ to 4’ from the reader.

Lost Proximity Passes

Lost proximity passes will be deactivated upon notification of the loss to the Association. Replacement passes will not be activated until the control number of the lost pass is determined. The non-refundable charge for replacement passes is $20.00 for CR passes and $50.00 for ER passes.   Reinstatement may take up to 5 business days.

Deactivation of Proximity Passes

Any member requesting deactivation of a proximity pass must do so inwriting.