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Effective 10/09/2014


Reference CLV By-LawsRevised as of April 10, 2003. Section 4.14 Page 7.

Committees shall have included within itsmembership not less than five members and including two members ofthe Board of Directors. Committee meetings are not open to the public, butminutes of such meetings shall be maintained by the special committee. Thereshall be appointed the following special committees who shall serve at thepleasure of the Board of Directors.

  1. Rules and Regulation
  2. By-Law
  3. Budget and Assessment
  4. General Advisory
  5. Nominating and Election Supervisory

Committee Posture guideline

  1. Committee posture will be at the discretion of the Chair as long as it remains within the constraints listed above. The Chair has the right to choose members that best exude a cohesive productive working environment in order to   accomplish responsible tasks.
  2. Committees will not exceed three members of the Board of Directors.

Committee Chair Appointment procedures

1. Volunteer and be approved by the Board.

2. Be voted on by the committee and approved bythe Board.

3. Be appointed by the President of the Board.   

Committee Chair Duties and responsibilities

1. Schedule and facilitate meetings

2. Keep attendance records

3. Assure that minutes are taken and filed.

4. Report the findings of committee to the Boardat monthly meetings.