Monday, February 17, 2020
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Board Vacancy Announcement

With the recent resignation of a board member, the sitting members willselect a replacement at our scheduled October monthly meeting. If you desire to be considered to fill this position you must have a letter ofintent dropped off at the gatehouse or emailed to prior to 4PM Thursday 10/10/19. This position will be seated until June of2020. Members applying are asked to be present at the monthly meeting at 6 PM @the Recreation Center, please be prepared to give quick brief introduction of yourself.

Pickle Ball anyone?

Christmas Lake Village has installed a Pickle Ball area at Holly Park inside the Tennis Courts. The net will remain up at all times (seasonal)and paddles and balls can be signed out from the gate attendant at the gatehouse. The lock has been placed back on the tennis court gate so you will now need to sign key out from gate attendant for access to Pickle Court or Tennis Court.

Our dirt pile has been seriously depleted due to someone taking advantage of our free dirt. CLV's dirt is for residents only and amounts are limited to filling holes and using for flower beds. If your job requires more than a few buckets of dirt please seek resources elsewhere. The dirt pile key will no longer be signed out to prevent commercial equipment from taking advantage of our limited supply. If you need dirt or mulch you will be required to transport it via a bucket from the gated off area.
Any request that exceeds this limit must be cleared through the office.