Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Call to Order/Quorum


Passcode;   390270

Special Election Applicants

1.    Nathan Allen

2.    Larry Ball

3.    Ken Rice

4.    Seth Yates

Member’s Forum

Santa Claus Town Council Brief

Reading of Minutes

1.      Monthly Board Meeting 10/14/21

Treasurer Report;        Mark Evans

Delinquency Report Property Manager.

 Past Years Assessments collected for month of September: $

Total Collected:                                                                      $1,190.12

Budgeted Assumption:                                                           $ 19,783.60

2021 Budgeted Lots 1793 collected lots 1872,a total of 79 over budgeted assumption.

Manager’s Report

  Currently CLV has approximately 5 homes listed on market increase of 1.  

1.      Open CLV Construction Permits “18”

a.       15 New constructions

b.      2 Home Addition

c.       1 Detached Garage

2.      Storage Area update, Road paved, Chicken wire install on building one, security partially installed, Gate Partially installed, Waiting on PSCI and Center Point Energy.

3.      Coop’s Lake Solutions Treating Christmas Lake.

4.      Rudolph Roads.  

5.      Leaf Collection Campaign has kicked off.

6.      Christmas Decorating has kicked off.

7.      Maintenance Storage area access control has been relocated to hopefully eliminate accidental contact.

New Business

1.      Construction Times (Rules and Regs)

2.      Advance Disposal 5 Year contract expires April of 2022, Craig Hedges Advance Disposal Retention Specialist stated new contract will be for 3 years at same price; $46.89 a quarter.

Action Items

1.      Brown County Kettle Korn, desires to set up at Recreation Center for Festival of Lights, 20% of proceeds to CASA.

2.      Holiday World requesting local advertising for Thanksgiving meal.

Old Business

1.      Covered Storage update

2.      Contract Purchases privileges update.  

Committee Reports

1.      Budget and Assessment (Mark Evans)      

2.      Nominations and Elections Supervisory Committee (CJ Stidham)

3.      Additions and Revisions Committee

4.      Rule and Regulations (Marlene Elliott)

5.      Events Committee (Lisa Gengelbach)