Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Christmas Lake Village

Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


Pending Approval at January 13, 2022 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Don Vogel and noted that a quorum was present.

Directors present were Don Vogel, Mark Evans, Matt Benningfield, CJ Stidham, Todd Grundhoefer, Rick Humerickhouse, Lisa Gengelbach & Marlene Elliott  

Seth Yates was absent.

There were (11) Association Members in attendance and (7) Association Members attending via ZOOM.


Carolyn Williams-Foell– Chestnut by the Fire - Asked about a rule regarding the parking of heavy equipment.  Don commented that the contractors are not in violation according to the building guidelines and that he has been driving around this area and checking on the progress. Don did address Carolyn’s latest email comparing CLV to a “ghetto” and took exception to that.  Don stated that it upset him.  Don went on to say that the Board has received between 55- 60 emails from Carolyn complaining about her area and the construction taking place. Don also noted that if there is any violation, it will be addressed.


Rick Humerickhouse made a motion to approve the November Monthly Meeting Minutes

Marlene Elliott seconded the motion.  Lisa Gengelbach abstained.

All in Favor 6 to 0


Mark Evans read the Treasurer’s Report for month ending November2021:

Current YTD Income:             $    970,084

YTD Expenses:                       $     952,959

Current Net Income:               $       17,125

Monies on Hand:                    $ 238,620.70

Dock Account:                        $   40,564.56

Storage Account:                    $   10,310.53  

Capital Improvement:             $     4,380.94

Investment Update:

October Reserves                    $474,534.98

November Reserves                $466,770.27

The Reserves account saw a decrease of $ 7,764.71 from October to November 2021

Todd Grundhoefer made a motion to accept the November Treasurer’s Report

Lisa Gengelbach seconded the motion

Vote in Favor 7 to 0


Chris Ambs, Property Manager, reported on Assessments collected for November 2021

Prior year assessments collected for the month of November2021:  $ 74.97

Total Collected for 2021 - $ 19,858.57

Budgeted Assumption for 2021 - $ 7,854.00

2021 Budgeted Lots:  Budgeted1793 – collected 1872


  • There are approximately 6 homes for sale in CLV 
  • There are 18 open construction permits
  • Storage Area update:  Waiting on Centerpoint Energy
  • CLV Website being updated
  • FOL route set
  • Leaf collection campaign continues
  • Main Gate Santa update
  • Received 20 ton salt for the winter
  • Coop’s Lake Solutions treating Holly & Noel
  • 2022 invoices have been mailed


  • N/A


  • N/A


  • Update on Loper house on Shepherd’s Lane – Burned down a year ago.  Disputes between insurance and homeowner continue.  Don would like to have permission from the board to contact our attorney and determine whether we are in a position to file a lawsuit against the Loper’s, the insurance company or both.


Todd Grundhoefer made a motion to contact our attorney

CJ Stidham seconded the motion.  Lisa Gengelbach abstained due to being involved in the real estate business

All in Favor 6 to 0

  • Slavick Case – This case has been dormant for awhile and is now on the front burner again.  The CLV attorney responded back to Slavick’s  attorney in November, counteracting the false claims that he was making.


  • Budget & Assessment – Mark Evans – no report
  • Rules & Regulations -Marlene Elliott – will meet with Architectural Committee about garage sizes in January
  • Nominating– CJ Stidham – no report
  • Additions & Revisions – Rick Humerickhouse –no report
  • Events – Lisa Gengelbach – Adult social at Rec Center in January.  Looking into Bingo and/or Euchre.

Todd Grundhoefer gave an update on the Golf Course – trees are cleared.  Working on master plan to present to Town.  Meeting with 13thSubdivision – will have an update in January 2022.

Mark Evans made a motion to adjourn

Todd Grundhoefer seconded the motion

All in Favor 7 to 0.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35 PM

Respectfully submitted                                                              

Julie Benningfield                                                                       

Assistant Property Manager                                                         

Christmas Lake Properties