Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Member’s Forum


Santa Claus Town Council Brief


Reading of Minutes

1.      Monthly Board Meeting 12/09/21


Treasurer Report;        Mark Evans

Delinquency Report Property Manager.

 Past Years Assessments collected for month of December $ 127.70

Total Collected:                                                                     $19986.57

Budgeted Assumption:                                                           $ 7,854.00


2021 Budgeted Lots 1793 collected lots 1873,a total of 80 over assumption.

Manager’s Report

  Currently CLV has approximately 8 homes listed on market increase of 2.  

1.      Open CLV Construction Permits “17”

2.      Storage Area update, waiting on Center Point Energy.  

3.      CLV Website being updated

4.      Leaf Collection, closing out January 16.

5.      2022 Assessments due January 15.


New Business

1.      Proposal has been brought up to celebrate the Festival of Lights on December 9 and 10 (Friday and Saturday) night this year instead of second and third Saturdays.

2.      Extending FOL Gate Donation collections an additional 5 years to CASA.

3.      Mailbox discussion, several members have expressed interest in different types.

Action Items



Old Business

1.      Transfer of Condominiums to Golf Course status (Todd Grundhoefer)




Committee Reports

1.      Budget and Assessment (Mark Evans)      

2.      Nominations and Elections Supervisory Committee (CJ Stidham)

a.      First official announcement of our June 2022 Election, Rick Humerickhouse, Don Vogel, and Seth Yates terms will expire.

3.      Additions and Revisions Committee

4.      Rule and Regulations (Marlene Elliott)

5.      Events Committee (Lisa Gengelbach)