Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Christmas LakeVillage

Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


Pending Approval at July 9, 2020 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Conrad andnoted that a quorum was present.

Directors present were Rick Humerickhouse, Mark Evans, LarryBall, Jason Terry, Lisa Gengelbach, Barbara Reinhold, Don Vogel & LarryLoucka.

There were (14) AssociationMembers in attendance.


Kristen Windell – 812 W Chestnut by the Fire – Asked theboard to repave Chestnut by the Fire. There are 13 – 15 patches which make the road very bumpy and it looksbad.

Chris Ambs respondedby saying the road is sound & solid, but it does look atrocious.  If we do pave, we will consider it not apriority, but more for aesthetics.

Bill Conrad notedthat all the roads are surveyed yearly. Repairs are prioritized.  We willgo through the same process this year.  Theboard will consider Chestnut by the Fire a priority this year.

Santa Claus PoliceDepartment -   Sgt. Bone and Officer Goffinet joined the meetingto discuss the recent mischief & vandalism in Christmas Lake Village.  The officers handed out information andreviewed steps the CLV members can take to help deter the vandalism.

Chris Ambs addressedthe concern of the increase of ATV, UTV & Minibikes in CLV.   Some of these vehicles are starting to dodamage to the grass when it is wet.  Theyare also coming in through an access point off Silent Lane that has a liftstation for the Town of Santa Claus.


Don Vogel made a motion to approve the March Monthly MeetingMinutes.

The motion was seconded by Mark Evans. 

Vote in Favor 8 to 0.

NOTE:  There was nomeeting in April of 2020 due to COVID-19 Pandemic.


Mark Evans read the Treasurer’s report for the month endingApril 2020:

April 2020

Current YTD Income:             $  790,270         

YTD Expenses:                       $   223,681

Current Net Income:               $   566,589

Monies on Hand:                    $410,759.79

Dock Account:                        $  15,394.46

Rec Ctr Account:                    $    7,872.40

Storage Account:                    $  13,262.27               

Capital Improvement:             $  11,002.24

Investment Update:

April Reserves                         $496,594.01

March Reserves                      $469,219.86

The Reserve account saw a gain of$ 27,374.15 from March to April 2020.

Rick Humerickhouse made a motion to accept the Treasurer’sReport.  

Don Vogel seconded the motion.

Vote in Favor 8 to 0.


Chris Ambs, Property Manager, reported on Assessmentscollected for March & April 2020.


Prior year assessments collected:

March - $ 2,067.89

April -   $    788.90

Total Collected for 2020 - $ 6,450.79

Budgeted Assumption for 2020 - $ 9,060.00


  • Real Estate Report – March & April:   7 existing homes & 9 vacant lots changed hands
  • There are approximately 11 homes for sale in CLV 
  • There are 13 open construction permits
  • Working efforts to remove old docks
  • Road striping complete – Will accomplish more each year
  • Maintenance routine returning to normal with modifications
  • Limb collection closed out
  • Lake treatment has started
  • Buoy relocation under way
  • Lake water testing for E Coli will begin on Monday
  • G Dock – concrete dock pad to be poured and parking lot to be repaired and poured
  • 2020 Election ballots & proxies mailed on Friday
  • No fish stocking this year – fish survey scheduled for the fall
  • Dam inspection scheduled for this year

Since we will not berepurposing the docks that have been removed, we are discussing to budget everyother year for Docks A, B, C & D

The fountain at theentrance quit working.  We purchased anew pump and it should be delivered this week.



  • Chris Ambs present the CLV Garden Club proposal for a free library set up at Polar Park.  Pictures were passed around of the 2 different containers choices that the books would be put in.  The Garden Club would maintain it.  The container would be placed near a surveillance camera.

Larry Loucka made a motion to accept the free library set up.

Mark Evans seconded the motion.

All in Favor 8 to 0


·                                Updated on Subdivision 1 C & R’s. – The finalcount is YES – 93 / NO – 37.

·        Purchase of property from Town of Santa Claus –We were attempting to purchase 2.6 acres adjacent to our current storage areafrom the Town.  We want to level it outand make it usable for more storage and give us room to update our maintenancefacility.  We have gone back with offersand counter offers with the Town and as it currently stands, the Town hascountered back with their last counter - $13,000 and CLV pay 100% of the closingcosts.

Chris Ambs stated that we quitplaying with the Town.  We have been morethan reasonable with our offers and counter offers.   We do have a 10.61-acre parcel across fromthe main marina.  Chris proposed we levelthis property and put additional storage/covered storage in this area. 




  • Business Planning – Mark Evans – No Report
  • Rules & Regulations – Larry Ball/Rick Humerickhouse – no report
  • Parks & Rec – Larry Loucka – All activities cancelled for 2020
  • Nominating/Election – Don Vogel – Melvin Held’s office will make sure the number of ballots turned in by a member equals the proxies turned in.  Sometimes members only turn in (1) proxy when they have multiple lots.
  • By-Laws & C & R’s – Lisa Gengelbach - No Report

Larry Loucka made a motion to adjourn

Rick Humerickhouse seconded the motion

All in Favor 8 to 0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:08 PM

Respectfully submitted

Julie Benningfield

Assistant Property Manager

Christmas Lake Properties