Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Christmas LakeVillage

Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


Pending Approval at February 13, 2020 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Conrad andnoted that a quorum was present.

Directors present were Bill Conrad, Mark Evans, RickHumerickhouse, Larry Ball, Charles Tomey, Barbara Reinhold, Jason Terry & LarryLoucka.

Lisa Gengelbach was absent.

There were (14) AssociationMembers in attendance.


Richard &Janelle Gaither spoke to all in attendance to let them know they are givingaway Lots 07-235 & 07-236 if anyone is interested.  The 2020 Assessment is paid in full on bothlots.

Jeff Stillman – Residentsnot getting trash picked up on Monday, sometimes it gets picked up on Tuesday.

Chris Ambs, PropertyManager gave an update on the issue. Advanced Disposal moved their Evansville operation to Winslow about ayear ago.  Advanced has (1) truck whichservices Santa Claus.  The heavy trashtime is during the holiday season – Thanksgiving through New Year’s.  If the truck fills up, it must return toWinslow and come back the next day.  Wewill put a reminder out in the next newsletter about the timeframe for puttingout the trash can – Not before 6 PM. Also, we are locked in a 5-year contract.  We have 2 years left.  Your quarterly bill should be no more than$46.89/qtr.  Bill stated that he will meetwith Chris and they will review the contract and get with Advanced Disposal tomake sure they are meeting the terms of the contract.

Harold Gogel with KeyAssociates gave an update on the Festival of Lights.  Key Associates donated 1000 cans of soup (500Dale/500 Rockport).  They would like tobuild on this for next year.  A GiftCertificate was given to the Simon’s on Blue Spruce for Best Decorations. 


Rick Humerickhouse made a motion to approve the December MonthlyMeeting Minutes.

The motion was seconded by Mark Evans.

Vote in Favor 7 to 0.


Mark Evans read the Treasurer’s report for the month of December2019:

December 2019

Current YTD Income:             $  961,868         

YTD Expenses:                       $   976,205

Current Net Income:               $      -5,789        

Monies on Hand:                    $387,092.16

Dock Account:                        $       593.92

Rec Ctr Account:                    $    5,491.27

Storage Account:                    $  13,160.09               

Reserves:                                 $536,869.42

Capital Improvement:             $    2,501.51

Investment Update:

November Reserves                $529,273.72

December Reserves                $536,879.42

The Reserve account saw a gain of$ 7,595.70 from November to December 2019.

Barbara Reinhold made a motion to accept the Treasurer’sReport.  

Rick Humerickhouse seconded the motion.

Vote in Favor 7 to 0.


Chris Ambs, Property Manager, reported on Assessmentscollected for December 2019.


Prior year assessments collected in December - $ 3,191.95

Total Collected for 2019 - $52,872.76

Budgeted Assumption for 2019 - $ 11,150


  • Real Estate Report – December:   5 existing homes, 2 1/2 vacant lots & 1 new renter
  • There are approximately 15 homes for sale in CLV 
  • There are 11 open construction permits
  • Christmas Decorations coming down
  • Leaf Collection Campaign closes out tomorrow.  Reminder – there is not an active collection campaign again until spring.  We are going to tighten up on this.  If you place limbs/leaves out before an active campaign, you will receive a notice.
  • Relocating floating docks to A Dock.  We will try to work on this in the near future
  • Railroad ties being ordered for the storage area – used to better identify parking area
  • 2021 Budget Planning – your budget statement gives you the breakdown per line item



·        Festival of Lights – We would like to change thehours from 5 – 9 to 5 – 8.  This is basedprimarily on car count.  We would keepthe Rec Center open until 8:30, but advertise gates open from 5 – 8 PM.

Mark Evansmade a motion to change the end time from 9 PM to 8 PM for the Festival ofLights.

BarbaraReinhold seconded the motion.

All in Favor7 to 0.

·        Chris reviewed the results from the Festival ofLights:

Ø  1700cars entered

Ø  2000cans of food collected – plus an additional 1000 cans donated by Key Associates

Ø  CASAcollected $6,600 in monetary donations

Ø  2pickup loads of toys collected




  • Easter Egg Hunt – Larry LouckaEvent set for Saturday, April 11.  The Dauby Team is donating $400 and CLV’s portion will be $400.  Lisa is willing to take charge of the event and Barbara will assist.  Volunteers will be needed to help set up for the event.  Larry will set up a committee meeting to review in the next week or so.

Adult Social for Valentine’s Day – Larry notes there’s not enough time toplan for this event.  Bill stated that wewould table this event until it can be more defined.

Frisbee Golf Course – if anyone has interest in this, please contactLarry.


  • Business Planning – Mark Evans – Ryan Oberhausen from Fifth Third Bank was in attendance to review our reserve account.  Don Vogel noted that we started this reserve account back in 2014 and CLV no longer must set aside money in the budget every year for the reserve fund.
  • Rules & Regulations – Larry Ball-/Rick Humerickhouse – no report
  • Parks & Rec – Larry Loucka – reported in New Business.
  • Nominating/Election – Charles Tomey – Charles made the official first announcement for the June Election.  (3) seats are expiring:   Lisa Gengelbach, Barbara Reinhold & Jason Terry.  Nomination Deadline is April 25, 2020.
  • By-Laws & C & R’s – Lisa Gengelbach - absent – No Report

Rick Humerickhouse wanted to know about advertising forbabysitting.  This was advertised onFacebook.  Is this allowed? 

Chris noted that ever since Y Wee Care closed, CLV knows itis happening, but to shut down the daycares in here would cause a huge audienceat next month’s Board Meeting.  We’venever received a complaint about a traffic jam with daycare and children beingdropped off and picked up.

Rick also asked about the disrepair of homes in CLV.  What are we doing about it?  He knows Chris sent a letter to (1) member,who wasn’t very happy in receiving the letter.

What is the definition of looking bad?  Yard mowed, trash, vehicles on blocks? Thisis a subjective call and will be dealt with on “as needed” basis.

Larry Loucka made a motion to adjourn.

Mark Evans seconded the motion

All in Favor 7 to 0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM

Respectfully submitted

Julie Benningfield

Assistant Property Manager

Christmas Lake Properties