Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Christmas Lake Village

Board of Directors

Meeting Agenda 01/11/2024

CLV Rec Center 6:00 pm

Call to Order/Quorum Roll Call

Member’s Forum


Reading of Minutes

1.      Monthly Board Meeting 12/14/2023

Treasurer Report:  Mark Evans

Manager’s Report

Current Year Lots Collected                          1936

                                                            1890    Budgeted

                                                                        46        Over

Collections for December                               $0

Grand Total for 2023                                      $15,708.75

Budgeted                                                        $2295.00

Over                                                               $13,413.75

C&R and Rules Violations Report

Subdivision Report

1st Sub

2nd Sub

3rd Sub

4th Sub

5th Sub

6th Sub

Parking (Warning issued)

7th Sub

Parking on vacant lot (2nd violation)

8th Sub

9th Sub

10th Sub

11th Sub

Dog Loose

Dog Loose

Parking on Street

12th Sub

13th Sub

  Currently CLV has approximately 7 homes listed on the market, 3 less than last month.  

  Open CLV Construction Permits “47”, 3 Recently Approved.

1.      Leaf Collection 2024 revamp, our one collector and our small workforce are simply unable to keep up with this growing demand.

2.      Donder Storage Update

3.      Holly Dam, DNR has approved permit, in bidding process, hoping for early Spring start time.

4.      FOL,1st night; 750 cars entered, donations collected: $3,900.

                     2nd night, 800 cars entered, donations collected: $4,065.

            Total Cars      1550               Total Donations           $7,965

5.      Toys for Tots collected 178 toys which were all dropped off at the Dale Library for distribution by the Dale’s Women’s Organization.

6.      Getting a quote from Renewable Resources for garbage collection.                                                                         

New Business

1.      Key Associates 2024 FOL Sponsorship proposal.

Action Items

1.      Look into a Specialized HOA Lawyer for CLV future representation.

Old Business

1.       Basketball Goals

Committee Reports

1.      Budget and Assessment (Mark Evans)

2.      Nominations and Elections Supervisory Committee (CJ Stidham)

a.       Annual Election Announcement. 3 Positions,

3.      Additions and Revisions Committee (Jeff Stillman)

4.      Rules and Regulations (Marlene Elliott)

5.      Events Committee (Lisa Gengelbach)