Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Christmas Lake Village

Board of Directors

Meeting Agenda 11/10/22

CLV Rec Center 6:00pm

Call to Order/Quorum

Member’s Forum

Reading of Minutes

1.      Monthly Board Meeting 10/12/22

Treasurer Report:  Mark Evans

Delinquency Report: Property Manager.

 Past Years Assessments collected for month of October :  $ 132.12

Total Collected:                                                                     $2972.55

Budgeted Assumption:                                               $ 6,885.00

2022 Budgeted Lots 1850 collected lots 1923,total of 73 over budgeted assumption.

Manager’s Report

C&R and Rules Violations Report

1. 10/11/22, Roaming Cat Subdivision 9. Warning Letter sent

2. 10/13/22, Gate Card Abuse Rear Gate, member hostile when approached, 5 cards suspended for 7 days.

3. 10/19/22 Gate card Abuse Kaspar Gate, member swiped car in, 4 cards suspended for 7 days.

4. 10/26/22 Dog loose scaring neighbor (Pitbull)

4. 11/1/22 Gate Card Abuse Rear Gate, 3 cards suspended for 7 days.

5. 11/3/22 Noise Complaint 7th Subdivision

Subdivision Inspection Report

1st Sub

Improperly stored Pontoon

2nd Sub

3rd Sub

4th Sub

5th Sub

6th Sub

Parking in yard

7th Sub

Excessive Clutter in Yard

8th Sub

Improperly stored Pontoon

9th Sub

10th Sub

Improperly stored boat

Construction without Permit

11th Sub

12th Sub

  Currently CLV has approximately 6 homes listed on the market, a decrease of 3 from last month.

a.       Open CLV Construction Permits “30”  Recently Approved

                                                             i.     Hoffman’s New Construction on Reindeer.

                                                           ii.     Kerstien’s New Construction on Holly

                                                         iii.     Kerstien’s New Construction on S Melchior

                                                         iv.     Steve Orange Concrete Pad for Jacuzzi Chestnut by the Fire

b.      Leaf Collection Campaign has kicked off, will run if the weather permits.

c.       Holly Lake draw down has started.

d.      Entrance sign and lights, still waiting on Weyers Electric (transformer back ordered)

e.       Front Entrance Poles wrapped and striped.

f.       Christmas decorating has started.


  1. Real Estate Agents are having trouble calling in clients/contractors/inspectors for houses on the market when still occupied by members.  (Lisa)

2. Festival of Lights Business sponsored decoration (Lisa)

Action Items


Old Business


Committee Reports

1.      Budget and Assessment (Mark Evans)      

2.      Nominations and Elections Supervisory Committee (CJ Stidham)

3.      Additions and Revisions Committee

4.      Rules and Regulations (Marlene Elliott)

a.      Rules Update

5.      Events Committee (Lisa Gengelbach)